Update from Zonelle – We Will See Miracles

Update from Zonelle – We Will See Miracles

It has been almost 6 weeks now since my SECOND cornea transplant…

Almost 11 months after the FIRST transplant, an infection attacked that cornea. The doctors had no answers as to why it happened; it was just something no one had any control over. And it was very disheartening that, once again, I needed to walk this difficult road of another transplant and a long recovery period.

But thanks to the prayers of our wonderful partners and friends and family, this second transplant healing and recovery has been very different than the first. In less than six weeks from the operation, I am ACTUALLY beginning to see people and things up close. This is something that never happened after the first transplant.


This morning when I woke up, my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude and thankfulness for what God has done through this two-year journey. I am not completely to the end, but I can SEE the end.

I am so happy and grateful to God for His faithfulness, and to you who have stood with us through this uncertain and life-changing journey. God is answering prayer, and I am believing for complete eyesight in the very near future.

Your diligence in standing with us has meant more to me, than I could possibly express. And from the bottom of my heart, I say “Thank you!”

Dwight and I want to stand with YOU on any need you or your family are facing. We strongly believe in agreeing together in prayer. Matthew 18:19: “If two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” Psalms 46:1: “God is our very present help in time of trouble.”

As we continue to stand together in prayer, we WILL see miracles!

God bless you, and I love you,


God Will Outlast Your Storm – written by Zonelle Thompson August 2023

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Dear Partner,

I want to tell you of one of the darkest experiences of my life…..I AWOKE ONE MORNING TOTALLY BLIND!

Needless to say, I was hit with confusion and fear! Within hours we were in an
eye doctor’s office. But after hours of examination, he was without an answer as to the

Dwight took me home and carried me into the house and laid me on the bed.
We cried… and we prayed… and we held each other. FOR MONTHS THERE WAS NO SIGHT…

Walking was not possible without help, and Vertigo was a daily struggle! After
many eye specialists had done all they could do… even after two separate cornea
surgery transplants and various other treatments, I struggled with almost no vision for

There were times during the night when I was in severe pain in my one eye that
had experienced the surgeries.

God bless doctors who are dedicated to helping hurting people….But I know the real healer is Jesus!!

I would lay in bed thinking about Jesus who is at the right handof the Father and was praying for me. Romans 8:34 He shares our feelings and gives us help and grace in our times of need! That thought would comfort me…knowing that God’s Word is truth and the final authority. And we can rest in that knowledge!!!

At times I would wonder what would have become of me during these trying
times, if I had not believed that I would see the goodness of God in an overwhelming
way in my lifetime.

Psalms 27:13 The Spirit of God will take hold WITH YOU against weakness.


This is what I called “A very difficult time”… but my Father God was right there
with me! Jesus said… “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20


After 9 years… I can now SEE my husband in the room with me! Whatever your need is today, please write us. Let Dwight and me stand in agreement with you. “Our God and Savior, Jesus Christ, is a very present help in time of need.” Psalms 46:1

Looking forward to hearing from you. We love you,


P. S. Jesus said in Matthew 18:20… “Where two or three are gathered together in my name there
am I among them.” JUST THINK… We pray WITH each other and we pray FOR each other, and
Jesus is at the right hand of the Father praying for us!

Jesus prayed for all of his disciples. That’s why when we ask you to send in your prayer requests
and let us be in agreement with you for God’s answer in prayer for your life, we are believing with
you for the victory!

We love and appreciate you so much!! Thank you for your prayers and support. We are honored
to have you as a friend and partner in this ministry.

People know what you are by what they see, not what they hear.

People know what you are by what they see, not what they hear.

People know what you are by what they see, not what they hear.

When Wycliffe translator Doug Meland and his wife moved into a village of Brazil’s Fulnio Indians, he was referred to simply as “the white man.” The term was by no means complimentary, since other white men had exploited them of their lands.

But after the Melands learned the Fulnio language and began to help the people with medicine and in other ways, they began calling Doug “the respectable white man.”

When the Melands began adapting the customs of the people, the Fulnio gave them greater acceptance and spoke of Doug “the white Indian.”

Then one day, as Doug was washing the dirty blood-caked foot of an injured Fulnio boy, he overheard a by-stander say to another: “Whoever heard of a white man washing an Indian’s foot before? Certainly this man is from God!” From that day on, whenever Doug would go into an Indian home, it would be announced: “Here comes the man God sent us.”

St. Francis of Assisi one day said to several of his followers, “Let us go to the village over the way and preach.” As they went, they met a humble pedestrian who was greatly burdened. Francis was in no hurry and listened carefully to his tale of woe.

When the village was reached, Francis talked with the shopkeepers, spent time with the farmers at their fruit and vegetable stalls, and played with the children in the streets. On the way back they met a farmer with a load of hay, and Francis spent time with him.

The morning gone, the group reached the monastery from where they had set out in the early morning.

One of the followers, who was greatly disappointed, said to Francis, “Brother Francis, you said you were going to preach. The morning is spent and no sermon has been given.”

And the saintly Francis replied, “But we have been preaching all the way.”
– Prairie Overcomer

The Best Time to Settle Matters of the Heart is Now, Otherwise There Will Never Be.

The Best Time to Settle Matters of the Heart is Now, Otherwise There Will Never Be.

I John 2:1

My dear children, I write this to you so that you will not sin. But if anybody does sin, we have One who speaks to the Father in our defense— Jesus Christ, the Righteous One.

Settling any matter of the heart that comes up between you and the Lord is guaranteed forgiveness.

When asked to describe what forgiveness is, a small boy replied, “it is the odor that flowers breathe when they are trampled upon.”

The Impact of Negative vs. Positive

The Impact of Negative vs. Positive


Whoever of you loves life and desire to see many good days, keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies. Psalm 34:12-13

The tongue that brings healing is a tree to life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit. Proverbs 15:4

F.W. Boreham tells of a man with two pockets. One has a hole in it and the other is carefully watched that no hole develops in it. Everything that he hears of a hurtful nature– insults, cutting remarks, gossip, unclean suggestions, or any such thing – he writes on a piece of paper and sticks it into his pocket with the hole. Everything that he hears that is kind, true, and helpful, he writes on a piece of paper and puts it in the pocket without the hole.

At night he pulls out all that is in the pocket without the hole, goes over all that he had put into it during the day, and thoroughly enjoys all the good things that have come his way that day.

Then he sticks his hand into the pocket with the hole and finds nothing there, so he rejoices that there are no evil things to rehearse.

Many of us reverse the other, putting the evil things in the pocket without the hole so that we can mull over them again and again. And in the pocket with the hole we put the good things so that they are quickly forgotten. Paul said it this way: “…if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think on such things.

Dwight Thompson

Update from Zonelle Thompson

Update from Zonelle Thompson

Today I woke up with the closeness of God’s presence surrounding me. And during the last 3 months and 3 days of the staph infection that totally blinded my sight, He has NEVER left me. And my praise is so overwhelming for our loving Father.

Since June 2, 2014, the doctors have been fighting to save my eyesight…. And because there was so much scar tissue from this raging infection the doctors had said, there may not be any vision.

But just a few days ago in the doctor’s office, with my husband and my daughter at my side, I was able to see a number 7 and the letter H with the help of some optometry equipment. Tears rolled down all of our faces for this small improvement. The doctor patted me and said… “There IS vision back there!!!”

I know in my heart of hearts, it is because of the prayers and fasting of our friends, family, and partners, this has happened. Thank you… Thank you for your faith in holding me up these past months. My left eye had surgery two weeks ago and the doctor told me yesterday it was improving, and the biopsy they had taken earlier is negative. I am a very blessed and grateful woman.

I don’t know why I was shut in the darkness for these past 3 months, but I do know my God… The Bible says to remind Him of His Word, and I have spent hours quoting scripture from memory.

The thought that has kept coming to me over and over… This went through HIM before it came to me. And knowing that truth in my spirit would calm my emotions when I felt overwhelmed and anxious.

What the devil has meant for harm… God is turning it around… little by little. Your prayers are working… And God is faithful!! Please keep me on your prayer list. With YOUR prayers, the full miracle IS coming!!!

With love, joy, and gratefulness for you,





The resurrection confirms Jesus’ authority to say,
“I am the resurrection and the life.” John 11:25

Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is your victory? O grave, where is your sting? Thanks be to God who gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ. I Corinthians 15:54-55, 57


God Has a Destiny For Your Life

God Has a Destiny For Your Life

It’s in Christ that we find out who we are, and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone.” Ephesians 1:11 (msg)

There is one thing we can be absolutely sure of, and that is, God has a wonderful plan and design for our lives. That plan was put into effect long before we had ever heard of Jesus Christ. This plan is packed with love and peace, jammed packed with adventure, joy and total fulfillment. This plan is glorious in its design and everything in our lives must work to accomplish God’s fixed intent.

Many will seek out God’s will, while others through their own desire will go another direction. God will allow us to seek our own will. God will even allow us to make harmful decisions that will put us on a fast track going in the wrong direction. The consequences of wrong choices can be painful and even permanent. No matter how far you run or how hard you try to have it “your way,” God is a patient God. You will never go so far that his love will not reach you.

I recall as a teenager packing my car and announcing to my parents, “I want to go live my life.” My mother said to me: “You can run as fast as you want and as far as you please, but you will never go so far that my love and prayers will not find you.” Thank God for my praying, loving mother and father… or I would not be here today.

God will not withhold any resource to fulfill his destiny for your life, but he will not violate your right to choose. “The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me.” Psalms 138:8 (NIV)

When I was a teenager, I had an opportunity to work for a missionary group in Mexico. This was a group of pilots who had small planes. They would fly into remote areas of Mexico and drop Christian literature over these small villages. Many of these villages were in mountainous areas and places where no automobiles would go. They were called “Air Mail From God.”

A wonderful man that attended my father’s church actually rebuilt a small two-seated plane. This plane as I recall, was a Stinson L5. It was a plane that was used during WWII as a reconnaissance over enemy territory. My job was to sit in the back seat and throw out the literature over the villages. It really was a sight to see. It would remind you of those big ticker tape parades you see in New York. The people in the village would run out into the streets and wave at us. They were always so excited to see us.

We would then land the plane in a field or any place where the ground looked flat. After landing, we would stay in the village for a few days and have a soul-winning crusade. Other pilots would follow and the people wee just wonderful and so grateful for us spending some time with them. I would sing the song: “How Great Thou Art.” Even though I could not speak Spanish, that song caught on very quickly. Just to re-live it now is so inspiring. The people would raise their hands and soon were singing along with me in their own beautiful Spanish language.

As a teenager, this was very thrilling to me, and it was also very dangerous. But when you are a boy, you don’t give much time thinking about the risk. It was just fun! This plane did not have a starter. I would stand in front of the plane and spin the prop. You might have to do this several times before the engine would cough and sputter and finally start. It was all part of my job.

I recall the little compass on the dash of the plane. It wasn’t very reliable. We took off out of macadam Field in Fort Worth, Texas and our destination for the first day was Laredo, Texas. Another challenge was to stay warm in that little plane. Each time we stopped, I would build a fire and throw two bricks into it. Then I would wrap them in a blanket and that kept my feet from going numb, because the temperature was so cold flying in that high of altitude.

On three or four occasions, the carburetor would freeze over and the engine would stop. While that was exciting to me, it wasn’t to the pilot. I recall him praying loudly and yelling to me to look for a place that was flat so that we could set the plane down. On one such emergency landing, we took some branches out of the top of a tree.

How many of us even now as look back and recall many “close calls” in our lives. We walked away from that near disaster and wonder why we survived. There is no doubt that these “close calls” are more than “luck” as the unbeliever might conclude. Nor can we be so flippant that it just “wasn’t our day to die. God’s purpose for our lives must never be taken lightly. Every “tap on the shoulder,” every “close call,” every “wake up call,” that you have “dismissed” so easily, was very likely God’s attempt to get you back on course.

“Behold I stand at the door and knock. If any many will open the door, I will come in.” Revelations ??? Each time we neglect his appeal, each time we ignore his knock at the door of our hearts, we will continue on the path of our own choosing, not his.

Back to my story… On my preparation for my second missionary journey to Mexico, I recall vividly my mother’s concern. While I was putting my duffle bag into my car, my mother put her arms around me and was praying for my safety. She abruptly stopped in the middle of her prayer and said to me: “Dwight, I don’t have peace in my spirit about this trip.” She continued her prayer with these words: “Lord, protect Dwight and block anything that might prevent your will for his life being fulfilled.” I kissed my mother goodbye and she stood there waving at me and blowing me a kiss. Oh, how I thank God, for my precious praying mother and father! Without their love, patience and prayers, this story would have a much different ending.

I stowed my duffle bag in the plane. Just as we were making final flight checks, a pastor walked over to me along with the pilot and explained to me something that would alter the course of my life. He said to me that the Lord instructed him to go on this trip and would I mind if he could take my place. I respected his request and went back home. A few days later, their plane crashed and both of them were killed.

I’ve thought about that tragedy many times. Why did God spare my life? Both of those men loved God and were committed to his will for their lives. Other events that were “close calls” have happened in my life, and yet, because God’s purpose for my life, is to be fulfilled. “… With your own powerful arm you keep me safe.” Psalms 138:7 (CEV)

I am deeply humbled and most unworthy for our God’s mercy. Let me repeat it again, God has a plan for your life. His design, his purposes and his will must become the top priority for each of us. Anything that is hindering his purpose must be dealt with and removed with all speed. Seek the Lord, ask the Holy Sprit to go into the secret places of our hearts and cleanse us. Only God’s destiny for your life will allow you to really enjoy the journey.

Pastor Chuck Smith is in the presence of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Pastor Chuck Smith is in the presence of our Savior Jesus Christ.

A truly great giant in faith is in heaven today. Pastor Chuck Smith is in the presence of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Thousands of Calvary Chapels across America are pastored by men who were saved, and called into ministry, under Pastor Chuck’s ministry.

We were very close to Pastor Chuck. His wonderful son Jeff is married to our daughter Dwinelle.

There is no doubt when Chuck entered heaven Jesus said, “Well done, Welcome home.” Our prayers and thoughts go out to Kay and all of the family.

With Love,
Dwight and Zonelle Thompson

The link below is a recent interview our son Dwight Thompson, Jr. put together with Chuck Smith and Greg Laurie.

A Life Time Impact: Greg Laurie Interviews Chuck Smith