Update from Zonelle Thompson

Update from Zonelle Thompson

Today I woke up with the closeness of God’s presence surrounding me. And during the last 3 months and 3 days of the staph infection that totally blinded my sight, He has NEVER left me. And my praise is so overwhelming for our loving Father.

Since June 2, 2014, the doctors have been fighting to save my eyesight…. And because there was so much scar tissue from this raging infection the doctors had said, there may not be any vision.

But just a few days ago in the doctor’s office, with my husband and my daughter at my side, I was able to see a number 7 and the letter H with the help of some optometry equipment. Tears rolled down all of our faces for this small improvement. The doctor patted me and said… “There IS vision back there!!!”

I know in my heart of hearts, it is because of the prayers and fasting of our friends, family, and partners, this has happened. Thank you… Thank you for your faith in holding me up these past months. My left eye had surgery two weeks ago and the doctor told me yesterday it was improving, and the biopsy they had taken earlier is negative. I am a very blessed and grateful woman.

I don’t know why I was shut in the darkness for these past 3 months, but I do know my God… The Bible says to remind Him of His Word, and I have spent hours quoting scripture from memory.

The thought that has kept coming to me over and over… This went through HIM before it came to me. And knowing that truth in my spirit would calm my emotions when I felt overwhelmed and anxious.

What the devil has meant for harm… God is turning it around… little by little. Your prayers are working… And God is faithful!! Please keep me on your prayer list. With YOUR prayers, the full miracle IS coming!!!

With love, joy, and gratefulness for you,


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  1. Orlean F. Grant says:

    Dear Sister Zonelle,

    I am rejoicing with you and will keep your in my prayers for complete and total recovery. Jesus is still our healer.


  2. Ann Ulibarri says:

    Hi . . . I have been praying for you. I saw a replay on TBN. Your husband asked for prayer for you. You both have been a blessing to the body of Christ. We pray Your latter years will be greater than your former years!!!! God bless you and your family!!!!!

  3. Maria Tuma says:

    I have been praying for your perfect eye sight healing and for Dwight to be strong and happy-joyous in the Lord, making the sacrifice of praise when necessary.

    Can’t wait to see you and him on TBN giving your testimony of a complete healing!

    Receive a hug from me – from Miami, Fl. GOD BLESS YOU and Dwight!


  4. Sandy Corliss says:

    Dear Zonelle,

    I came across TBN today when your husband was giving your testimony. I will be praying and believing in your miracle. I have to confess he caught my attention because his message touched my heart believing all things are possible with God!

    God bless you and Dwight!

  5. I first heard and watched Dwight on tbn 1984. Along with Paul Crouch, Jerry Bernard, RW Shambach,Ken Hagan,EV Hill Copeland,Roberts and many many more,spirit filled people of GOD. We would listen every day and pray with these people of GOD. Oh what a blessing Dwight is bringing the message of GOD. My wife received a healing.Praise Jesus! As did I later on. I know your healed !! Praise the Lord JESUS,PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME. Thank you an Dwight for being faithful believers.A friend in Christ

  6. Mark Arnold says:

    Dear Zonelle,

    We are praying for your 100 percent miracle! May the DNA of Heaven touch you and deliver you, in JESUS Name!

    You and Brother Dwight are the BEST!


    Pastor Mark Arnold

  7. Guy says:

    I was just wondering about you as I was praying tonight. I have been watching both you and Pastor Dwight since TBN came to South Florida. In any event, I am standing right now in agreement with you and Pastor for complete healing in your eyes. I prayed in agreement that night Pastor Dwight asked for prayer. Now is the time for a complete healing of your eyes in Jesus name. Tonight is the night sister Zonelle. Amen.

  8. Edward says:

    God Bless you we will continue to pray for your complete healing and strength for your family.

    We serve a God that nothing is impossible with him all things are possible thru Christ. God bless you and Dwight and the rest of the family.

  9. violet says:

    praying for perfect eyesight to be restored, the Great Physician is with you, rejoicing with you and brother Dwight whose preaching along with RWShambach, has given me strength to carry on and Believe for my miracle

  10. Indhira says:

    Hello dear Zonelle

    I am sad to learn of your illness – I do agree with you in that what the devil meant to harm , our Lord and Saviour turned it around for good.
    May God bless Dwight and you abundantly.

    My daughter is named after you. You carried my daughter when you visited Sri Lanka way back in the 1978.
    You preached at the Assemblies Of God church where Colton Wicremaratne was the pastor.

    I must tell you that the way you sign your name and the way my daughter signs her name is very very similar.
    Dwight and you have autographed my fathers bible ( Shirley and Phyllis Samarasinghe)

    My father has gone to be with the lord
    I tried contacting you when I was holidaying in the states but could not get through.
    Please be in touch.i live in Australia but miss Sri Lanka heaps
    Love and blessings – indhira

  11. Indhira says:

    Shall have you dear Zonelle on my prayer list
    May he bestow total healing – our God is an amazing God
    How glad we are to call him abba father
    Bless you Zonelle

    Indhira Jayasundera ( Samarasinghe)

  12. Grace says:

    Dear Zonelle,

    I’m so happy to read your testimony. We do serve a great God. I’m always amazed at how both of you have supported TBN all these years. May you both live victorious and very blessed lives.

    From Kenya

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