Encouragement For The Journey: Journey of Life

Encouragement For The Journey: Journey of Life

“I say this because I know what I am planning for you,” says the LORD. “I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you. I will give you hope and a good future.” Jeremiah 29:11 NCV

Along this “Journey of Life” as you have stood with me in reaching the lost, I want to stand with YOU that everything God has planned for YOU will be fulfilled: your health, your home, your family, your finances, your dreams, and your God-ordained purpose.

“I say this because I know what I am planning for you,” says the LORD. “I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you. I will give you hope and a good future.” Jeremiah 29:11 NCV

In this letter of encouragement to you, I feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to focus on you, my precious and loyal partners and friends of this ministry.
First of all, REST IN THIS PROMISE: “I have carried you since you were born. I have taken care of you from your birth. Even when you are old, I will be the same. Even when your hair has tuned gray, I will take care of you. I made you and will take care of you.” Isaiah 46:3-4 NCV

There is one thing you can count on as an absolute truth: GOD’S PLAN AND PURSPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE WAS SET IN MOTION EVEN BEFORE YOU WERE BORN…..long before your parents were born….long before your grandparents were born…God’s plan for you was already set in motion. WOW!!! Let that thought sink in! HALLELUJAH!

When I was a teenager, I had an opportunity to work for a missionary group in Mexico. This was a group of pilots who had small planes. They would fly into remote areas of Mexico and drop Christian literature over these small villages. Many of these villages were in mountainous areas and places where no automobiles could go. They were called: Airmail from God.

My job was to sit in the back seat and throw out the literature over the villages. The people in the villages would run out into the streets and wave at us. They were always so excited to see us. After landing, we would stay in villages for a few days and have a soul-winning crusade.

As a teenager, this missionary opportunity was very thrilling to me….and it was also dangerous! But when you are a boy, you don’t give much time thinking about the risk. It was just fun. Since this place did not have a starter, I would stand in front of the plane and spin the prop. Sometimes, I would have to do this several times before the engine would cough and the sputter would finally start. It was all part of the Job.

On three or four occasions, when we were flying, the carburetor would freeze over and the engine would stop. While that was exciting to me, it wasn’t to the pilot. I recall him praying loudly and yelling at me to look for a place that was flat so we could set this plane down. On one such emergency landing we took some branches out of the top of a tree.

On my preparation for my second missionary journey to Mexico, I recall vividly my mother’s concern. While I was putting my duffle back into the car, my mother put her arms around me and was praying for my safety. She abruptly stopped in the middle of her prayer and said to me, “Dwight, I don’t have peace in my spirit about this trip.” She continued her prayer with these words, “Lord, protect Dwight and block anything that might prevent your will for his life from being fulfilled.” I kissed my mother goodbye and she stood there waving at me and blowing me a kiss. Oh how I thank God for my precious praying mother and father. Without their love, patience and prayers this story would have a much different ending.

I stowed my duffle bad into the plane. Just as we were making the final flight checks, a pastor walked over to me along with the pilot and explained to me something that would alter the course of my life. He said to me that the Lord instructed him to go on this trip and would I mind if he took my place. I respected his request and went back home. A few days later, their plan crashed and both were killed.

I’ve thought about that tragedy many times. Both of these men loved God and were committed to His will for their lives. Why did God spare MY life?
How many of you even now can look back and recall many “close calls” in your lives? You walk away from that near disaster and wonder why you survived. Many people have told me of the escapes from serious accidents that could have certainly been fatal, yet look back on it now and realize it was truly a miracle.

There is no doubt that these close calls are more than “luck” as the unbeliever might conclude. Nor can we be so flippant to say, “It wasn’t our day to die.” It is very important that we step back and take these “close calls” as “wake-up calls.” God’s purpose for our lives must never be taken lightly.
“Behold I stand at the door and knock. If any man will open the door, I will come in….” Each time we neglect His appeal…each time we ignore His knock at the door of our hearts….we continue on the path of our own choosing…not His.

There will always be events that happen that we can’t completely understand, and there have been other events in my life that were “close calls”, but God’s purpose for my life is yet to be fulfilled. “With your own powerful arm you keep me safe.” Psalm 138:7 CEV
As of this writing I am in my 50th year of preaching the glorious Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am deeply humbled and most unworthy of our God’s mercy. Let me repeat it again: GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE….His design, His purpose and His will must become the top priority of each of us. Anything that is hindering His purpose must be dealt with and removed with all speed.

Seek the Lord. Ask the Holy Spirit to go into the secret places of our hearts and cleanse us. Even things in our lives that we are blinded to…ask Him to show you and then remove it.

“Though I am surrounded by troubled, you will bring me safely through them….” Psalm 138:7


Let me pray for you right now: Father, in Jesus’ Holy name, I pray for your divine and perfect will to be done in my precious partners of this ministry. Anything that prevents the fulfillment of your plan for their lives, remove it in Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

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  1. Pamela Payne says:

    Thank you for this. I’ve been believing for God’s will to be worked out in our childrens and grandchildren’s lives. Our children need better jobs and way to make a prosperous living so they may even give unto the spreading of the Gospel. Thank you and God BLess.

  2. How God revealed his son to me says:

    How God revealed his son to me This is my testimony..
    I was practically knitted in Christianity of the churches for over 15 years. Also been involved in world wide christianity networks and organizations. I could not get enough of bible study, bible college, fellowship, choir, prayer, street witnessing, and many other ministries. I had many christianity friends and would go to their churches, etc. During those years I observed and listen closely to the leaders, the members ,believers or followers as you would call it and the newcomers where I was in ministry at that time which was many. I’ve seen preachers, pastors come and go and new ones take their place in the churches…I say not for shame but tell the truth.

    I am one that really learns by watching and hearing others. So as years went by while involved with all these christianity ministries I realized things were not lining up with the word of God and I was still hungry for God. During those years I could not understand why I was so hungry for God. I could not get enough from all the ministries I was involved in these churches, etc.
    I could not understand how believers were prophesying and speaking in that babbling sound over a pastor and his church on how God said he would prosper that pastor and the people of God and then by the next year the pastor gets in trouble with the law and the church building is sold to a commercial buyer or another pastor takes over? I could not understand how a church having dedicated members, elders, even pastors families that were dying of sicknesses, illnesses, or other terrible things happen to them almost every year.
    I could not understand at that time why I was struggling with sin as a believer. The disciples of Christ never struggled with sin after they believed. All of what I am saying is very serious and it is not to be taken lightly of. I tell you the truth. During those years one night while I was asleep I had a dream of being in this dark room with a window and light shining thru the window into the room. There I was in the corner of this room and the window was on my right. This light was shining thru and I am in darkness that is holding me and I feel this man in the darkness holding me and hear him laughing loud and wouldn’t let go of me. I struggled to turn to my left at the end of the room where the light shined and saw a figure of a man but could not see his face because of the darkness. Then I woke up and thought maybe it was Jesus, but I did not see the face of this man. Well as time went on I forgot about this dream.
    So during those years in the churches I could not understand why I struggled amongst certain christians for fellowship. They would complain that I talked too much of Jesus,”the word” and not talking about getting an education or a career or anything of their topic, however I did try many times to get an education but was unsuccessful. I tried to carry on a conversation about secular topics to fellowship with other christians but my interest rested on God’s word and ministry. I had one christian, who brought up the complaint to a pastor about me talking too much of Jesus in church. That pastor said to me in front of the other christian, “Now you must slow down about talking about Jesus in your conversation. How are you going to function in the world if all you talk about is Jesus?” I didn’t say a word and walked away. I did not understand what was going on but I thought about it later.
    So I slowly stopped being involved in the churches and ministries. I slowly weaned myself away from the many christian friends I had and kept only a few. Then one week later I made the decision in my mind to leave the churches, ministries, etc. and never come back. there was no agreement from these places or their leaders according to the word of God.. Then one afternoon, I was at a friend’s house and I was very tired and needed to rest.I remember it was a bright afternoon and the room I was in had a window on the right side of where I rested. I had forgotten the dream of the room I had years ago…
    Well, I fell asleep immediately and then all of sudden I woke up and turned to look at the end of the bed and there stood a man with a dark countenance upon him. I could see him in full image of a man clothed but a dark shadow upon him. I even looked at his face and I said, “oh it’s only satan, go away.” Then I went back to sleep. Not realizing I was in darkness and who I just saw Jesus Christ the son of the true living God, But again at that time I did not know. Then later on I forgot about the vision just like the dream….
    So a couple years went by and then one day I heard a small voice say to me go back to such and such church. I replied to this voice why? There is nothing there. The voice did not respond back..So the following Sunday I went to such and such church. The weeks went by again and I’m attending church services and meeting new faces, etc. then I started slowly involved myself in prayer ministry, but a few weeks later again I found myself observing and listening closely to the new pastor, the staff and the new believers, new followers, and dedicated members. Then it started all over again, nothing agreeing with the word of God and why I still struggled with sin as a believer. Then one week one of the members, a young man became very ill. Well this man asked every week for prayer from the pastor, the staff, and prayer team that God would heal him. A few weeks later this young man died. The whole congregation including myself went to his funeral. I did not even know this man, but at that moment I made up my mind to seek God for the truth. I could not understand how God is not a respecter of persons. How can he heal many and not this man and let him die? This truly disturbed my spirit and that’s when I choose to pray one hour every Sunday early morning with a small prayer team of that church. I went faithfully every week until God answered my prayer. I wanted to know the truth about the churches, the leaders and her followers and about myself struggling with sin! I did not tell anyone about my prayer request. I prayed to God and determine in my mind not to stop until he gave me the truth. So once he did I went thru many things and then in 2010 he visited me in my room. My body was a sleep but my spirit woke up and I could not see anything but this gray matter around me. Then I sense his presence very calm and gentle, then he embraced me and we went up and up real fast then we paused for a moment and heard a baby cry and said oh that’s the spiritual birth that Christ talked about with Nicodemus. Then he lowered me down and I saw my room and my bed, then a few things happen, then blood of Jesus came over my head, face and eyes, then I started to see clearly and then I woke up.God’s Spirit revealed his son within me after his Spirit came upon me and birth me into the kingdom of Christ and set me free from the power of sin and death forever. Glory to the one true God and Jesus Christ whom he sent amen!
    I saw Christ, I saw his face, his hair as the son of man, as the likeness of his brothers from the twelve tribes of Israel amen. I tell you the truth.

    thousands of church leaders around the world and millions of catholics, mormons,and Christians, etc are not aware of the dangers of spiritual judgement inside these man made buildings set up for worship. have you read Ezekiel chapter 8 and 9? Very similar to revelation…
    the only place I attend is heavenly Jerusalem which is not of this world. I am seated with Christ far above all principalities and powers. ephesians 2:6

    I fellowship with the saints in heavenly places by the true Spirit of the living God philippians 3:20!
    the one true living God does not dwell in these churches, only the god of this world, who is the devil the old serpent deceiving the whole world!
    Acts 7:46-50
    Who found favor before God, and desired to find a tabernacle for the God of Jacob.
    But Solomon built him an house.
    How be it the most High dwells not in temples made with hands; as says the prophet,
    Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool: what house will ye build me? says the Lord: or what is the place of my rest? Has not my hand made all these things?

    the churches around the world are following the identical jesus christ which is the beast. the abomination of desolation is happening in the spirit realm inside all these man made buildings(dead men bones). the Christians and catholics, etc are not aware of what’s happening to them and around them in these places, (churches -any four wall building representing God to gather believers of Christ). these churches and their organizations, networks, tv stations, etc. around the world are all connected to “The Great City” Revelation 11, which is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt and Mystery of iniquity. Church leaders around the world are searching of the earthly signs. this will not happen until the very last day and hour. God will not allow man to destroy the earth with nuclear bombs. read matthew 3:12 and Revelation 20:9. God sends his son to the earth with the fire behind him consuming all his enemies which are left from the resurrection of the dead and those that are alive. the body of Christ is gathered as the son of man appears at last sound of shofar, he is coming while the wheat are gathered and the tares are left as the chaff and earth is consumed by the fire of God.

    most of revelation is happening in the spirit world, that’s why Jesus said it would be like the days of Noah and Lot. they planted they kept building churches….please you must turn from the ways of these churches, organizations, networks, tv stations, etc… and seek God in prayer for the truth. Satan is deceiving the whole world using Christianity, that’s what Christ was saying in Matthew 24! we are the generation!
    what all revivals, signs and wonders happening in these churches, huge ministries huge gatherings around the world is revelation 16:14 and revelation 19:19-20

    Why do you think Christ in revelation 19 was given a new name and no man knows that name? Christ overcomes the beast because the people in these churches are following the beast who is impersonating Christ, which is the name of christ, the image and the mark which is the right hand of God matthew 7:22, 2 thessalonians 2:9-10! I tell you the truth! no man can use Christ’s new name!
    this world is coming to an end and the devil can’t stop the Lord and his Christ from coming!

    Thousands of church leaders, millions of catholics and Christians using Christ name matthew 7:22, matthew 24.. But no one knows the new name, not even the beast or the devil that is getting his power from the people in the churches who are believing the devil’s lies…by using God’s word creating another gospel, another jesus and another salvation!

    I have seen the people of God leaving the churches and their whole household receiving the holy Spirit of truth in their home by seeking God in prayer for the truth!

    the mark of the beast can be removed by the power of God thru the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. God sent his son and raised him from the dead on the third day. Christ holds the keys to death, hell and the grave amen!

    Any man, woman, preacher, pastor, evangelist, pope, church leader, prophet, prophetess, t v network, etc that preaches the gospel and says the mark of the beast can not be removed denies Christ came in the flesh!

    The true outpouring of the Holy Spirit of truth happens before the 5th shofar and 5th vial is poured. Revelation 7:3-4,13-14 Revelation 9:4!
    Outpouring of the holy Spirit Joel 2:28-29-this happens in the homes of God’s people and their family members (read Isaiah 26:20-21)! the people of God flee all man made churches, anything of the identical jesus christ movement. then Joel 2:30 which shows the aftermath of the sixth and fifth shofar sounds and sixth and fifth vial poured. then Joel 2:31-32 happens…
    the outpouring of the holy Spirit happens just before the judgement of the seven vials full of the wrath of God revelation 7… this message is not a joke.. please seek God in prayer for the truth.. please hear my testimony just google “Christ testimony of the churches around the world! may God have mercy on our souls of that great terrible day of the Lord comes! Joel3:14-16

    Hear the rest of my testimony just GOOGLE the title, “CHRIST TESTIMONY OF THE CHURCHES AROUND THE WORLD”

    Two identical jesus christ put in front of you, would you be able to know which one is the real messiah? revelation 17:8

  3. This is my first time visit at here and i am truly impressed
    to read everthing at single place.

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