AUSTIN’S STORY – Faith/Miracle

Austin Rex Thompson, the son of Dwight and Gina Thompson, Jr. was born ten weeks premature.  The first report out of the doctor’s mouth was, “Don’t get attached… I don’t expect him to live.”

At that point, after this hopeless statement, it would have been easier to put their trust in the doctor’s report.

Yet a fire of determination ignited in the hearts of the Thompson kids.  They were determined to stand steadfast on the Word of God and believe for the total healing of their baby.

This book tells the story of the spiritual growth of Dwight Jr. and Gina.  They had to cut the spiritual “apron strings” of the faith of their parents and allow the knowledge and power that Christ had given them to fight against the stronghold of death that Satan was trying to raise against this family.

This is a story of growth… spiritual and physical.

Today, Austin Rex Thompson is a living miracle to all who see him.

Price: $7.00

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